Podaris joins the Transport Planning Society (TPS)

Transport Planning Society

We are delighted to announce that we have joined the Transport Planning Society (TPS) as Stakeholder members.

The TPS is a UK based society concerned specifically with the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of land-based transport systems and infrastructure. It offers routes to qualifications such as Chartered Transport Planning Professional. The TPS is dedicated to providing support and networking to members with a calendar of technical seminars and conferences, plus social events.

Podaris is a web-based platform that empowers transport planners to work collaboratively to construct multi-modal transport scenarios at a high level, generating meaningful and reliable outputs in a fraction of the time taken by more traditional methods. By joining the TPS, we are looking forward to engaging actively with others in helping to facilitate the discussions in transforming transport planning in the UK. Podaris CEO Nathan Koren, elaborates:

"We have become a TPS member because the pandemic has demonstrated the importance of collaboration and agility in transport planning, and the sheer resilience shown by planners in their response has been remarkable. Whether it has been supporting planners quantifying the value of emergency active travel interventions like pop-up cycle lanes, or rapidly redesigning bus networks; globally, one thing is clear: the needs and timelines of our customers have changed - and continue to. We are excited to join the Transport Planning Society at a time where the status quo is continuing to be redefined, and the innovation around workflows, methodologies, and solutions is evolving at an explosive rate. Through engaging with the diverse community, Podaris hopes to ensure the solutions we continue to develop meet the needs of both today's and tomorrow’s planners.”