Podaris 1.6: Our biggest release yet

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Podaris 1.6! This is our biggest release yet, representing months of hard work from our team.

Your choice of mapping providers

The biggest enhancement is that we now support multiple mapping providers. We still provide Google Maps, with its excellent global coverage. But choice is good – so now you can also use maps and satellite imagery from Bing, HERE, and OpenStreetMap. Our users in China will be happy to know that they can use Baidu maps, and users in the UK will soon have access to excellent Ordnance Survey maps as well.

So now you can use whatever mapping providers work best for you!

Maps from everyone, for everyone

Faster and better rendering

You can further customise your mapping environment by change the colour and brightness to meet all your presentation needs.

Map customisation

If you're worried this flexibility comes at a cost, then fear not: Podaris will always be free for public projects, and has gotten much, much speedier, thanks to a complete rewrite of our core rendering engine. You can now build larger projects with Podaris than ever before.

This speed and flexibility has been rolled out across the platform. For example, you can now create much faster and more colourful travel-time isochrons:

Colourful isochrons

We've also simplified our pricing structure for professionals and enterprises, revamped our user interface, and so much more. So check out Podaris today and see what's new!

This work has been partially funded by the Geovation prgramme, and we're incredibly grateful for their generosity and hard work in bringing this release to fruition. Particular thanks goes to the tireless dedication of their developers James Milner and Max Harlow.

Moving forward, we've got big things planned. Our immediate priority is to develop first-class support for bus-route planning and intermodal transport networks in general. This will be followed by demographic spatial accessibility modelling; and workgroup collaboration features for enterprise customers. Plus we've got other tricks up our sleeve which we look forward to sharing with you soon!

Is there something you'd like to use Podaris for? Please tell us about it! We love to know what our users want from a collaborative infrastructure planning platform like Podaris.