March 2020 newsletter

The world is currently experiencing its largest remote work experiment, as companies adopt work-from-home policies in light of COVID-19. While corporate VPNs and file-based SharePoint workflows struggle to adapt to the new ways of working, there has never been a better time for using a real-time collaborative planning tool like Podaris. To help support transport planners across the world during this difficult period, we are offering the first month of our “Professional” plan for free.

Matthew Lesh Joins Podaris

We are very happy to announce that Matthew Lesh, of Arlington, Virginia will be joining our team, as we push to make greater inroads in the United States and beyond. Matthew is passionate about new mobility. His interests and experiences span beyond the 12 years he has spent at the local and federal levels of public service. Matt had the pleasure of working for the U.S. Department of Transportation managing and creating several notable programs including a portfolio which included Bikesharing, Personal Rapid Transit, electric bus deployments, and on-demand mobility. He will be working with us to refine our market strategy in the U.S. and work to implement the use of Podaris’ powerful software to make future transportation systems come alive through planning, simulation, and visualisation.

Podaris on CNN

Earlier this month, Podaris CEO Nathan Koren spoke to CNN about Dubai's plans for an aerial podcar network. During the interview, Nathan talks about his thoughts on the future of PRT systems, and how the self-driving car boom has actually helped the viability of Personal Rapid Transit.

Podaris on CNN

Planning Routes in Podaris

Last month, we introduced you to powerful new capabilities for creating scheduled services. Podaris follows a high-level approach to schedule planning, ideally suited for optioneering and feasibility studies. This allows you to rapidly iterate through multiple scenarios, without the need for laborious data-entry or complex setups. In our latest blog post we walk through how easy creating routes are, and powerful ways you can begin to analyse them.

Planning routes in Podaris

Coming Soon

At the start of this year we teased new features for Podaris such as Microsimulation and Demand Modelling, both of these are now available in early release for enterprise customers, and we are excited to see them being used for complex studies within multi-billion pound transport projects. However, development doesn't stop there! On our near term road map, new features for high-level cost modelling, fleet-sizing, and powerful analysis tools are coming soon.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely we will be at any events to showcase these features over the next few months, so if you would like to find out how these features can help your organisation in particular, we would be happy to arrange a demo.

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